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What's the deal with the categories?

The posts on my blog are divided into different sections. Here I give an overview of the categories and explain what the purpose of each of them is.

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Political Columns

In this category I write about current political and social issues - mainly in German, about German issues.

I take the concrete issues as an opportunity to take a more fundamental perspective to show which deeper values are at stake.

I deliberately turn my eyes away from the small, daily back and forth of politics and turn to the more important structures and developments in society.

This is a category of opinion and not journalism.

Modern Socratic Dialogues

Modern Socratic Dialogues are fictional conversations between Socrates and various historical or contemporary interlocutors. They are inspired in style by the dialogues written in antiquity, mainly by Plato. Sometimes they tie into one of the already existing dialogues and then carry them on in a different way.

The philosopher Socrates conducts these conversations in a special way, which is intended to stimulate both participants and readers to think for themselves. Positions represented are not necessarily my own beliefs.

Topics are both current issues as well as philosophical problems.

Der Tod des Sokrates
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This category is intended for smaller creative writing projects.

That might mean poetry or prose, as well as first drafts of philosophical ideas, snippets of thought and societal observations.

I view this category mainly as a place for playing around with ideas and trying new things. Thus, I am less focused than usual on thinking something through all the way, and just go with the flow.

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